City wide scrap & trash removal

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We make junk removal easy for you with two options.

If you don't want it in your house, at your workplace, or on your lawn, we'll get rid of it for you - quickly, efficiently, and with no hassle.

We offer services that let you rent a dumpster to use or hire an entire crew to take care of all the grunt work of garbage removal for you.

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City Wide Scrap provides fast, reliable, and professional junk removal service in the greater Toronto area, from bin rental to trash removal. If you've got junk, we've got solutions.

We offer do-it-yourself options to full-scale trash removal, clean-up, and disposal services.

Take advantage of Junk It's affordable dumpster and bin rental so you can toss the scraps and walk away. We'll make your junk disappear overnight - just like magic.


Back in 1997, we were doing renovations on our own home. We had a pile of construction waste in our yard that kept getting larger by the day, and we didn't know of any garbage pickup service that would take care of such a huge pile of junk.

We needed a company that could offer easy, dependable, and professional junk removal. Toronto didn't have one. So we made our own.